Melissa and the other Oakley's (oakleeismygijoe) wrote,
Melissa and the other Oakley's


It has beena really long time since I updated this!! Ok, sooooo...Since my last update...Lee and I separated, but worked things out and reconciled 8 months later, we left Savanah, finally, after 8 years, and PCS'd to Germany, Katelynn is now 8 and is in 2nd/3rd grade at a DOD school that is about a full school year behind, if not further behind, than her school in Georgia, Kaylee will be 4 next month and is just as smart as Katelynn and they are both very TYPE-A personalities, so that means they butt heads on everything and they fight, alot. I love Germany and we have been to Austria a couple times, Edelweiss (the military resort, here, in Germany) a couple times, Munich, Vilseck, Grafenwoehr, Stuttgart (they have IKEA!!), Nuremberg, and a couple other small cities. We are stationed in Illesheim, but live in a very small town called Ickelheim. The Germans (and Europeans in general, actually) are very environmentally concious. I have learned a lot of things about homesteading, recycling, composting, canning, and gardening that will make our life in the states so much easier, once we make it back there. We have about another year and a half before they decide where we will end up next. It has been snowing here since mid-October, and it is considered Winter until the end of April. I cannot wait until March 30, because that is our Daylight Savings time and then our days will be longer, starting around 5a and ending around 10p (some nights around 1130p). I have started running, again, and plan to run my first, ever, 1/2 marathon in Salzburg, Austria, May 5, 2013. I will be running with the Wear Blue team (though I may be the only one, as they are based out of Washington State), in honor of the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, including Tony Cardinal and Joshua Rechenmacher. I look forward to running in their honor!
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