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It has been a while since I posted last, but it has been a rough couple of months...Lee has been gone for almost a month and this time around really sucks!!!! I dont know what it is about this deployment that is different, but it is something...My husband is in a less dangerous place, with no work to do, since they are not flying unless they are needed...They are playing video games, board games, cards, and reading books and magazines during their shifts...He gets 1 day off a week, and instead of calling home and talking to us for a longer amount of time than usual or trying to get onto the internet to see us, he is at the hanger playing and bs-ing with the guys that he works with...They dont have a DSN line to call home for free, he had to get a cell phone, which allows us to call and talk to him whenever, but he seldom answers it (and we know he has nothing to do because he complains about having no work to do and it being pointless to be on 12 hour shifts etc)...He made several promises to Katelynn that he would send her letters every week and he hasnt even sent a single one...We check the mail every day and the past 3 days, she has told me that daddy promised her that he was going to write to her and he hasnt, that he lied to her....What am I supposed to say to that?? It's not like he is busy and has no time to write a couple words on a piece of paper and put it in the mail...Hell, she has written him 4 letters in the last 2 weeks...I am having a really hard time with this...Lee is up for re-enlistment in December 2010, so he is within his window to re-up while he deployed...Previously, we have discussed this at length...He told me that he wanted to stay in for good and retire and I am okay with that decision, because he had goals that he wanted to reach...Now, as of this past Tuesday, he told me that he wants to get out and find a civilian job...He doesnt understand that there are barely any jobs out there...I have tried to explain that I myself have been looking for a job for over a year and still have not found another one...If he gets out of the military, we will end up moving in with his mother and step dad and the 8 other people living with them in their 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house, or we will be at my parent's housebecause we cannot afford anything by ourselves...I understand that he doesnt want to be deployed again and that he doesnt want to leave his family again, but I dont want to be on the street either!!! I dont want to force him to stay in, but I dont want to be forced to give up our freedoms and the enjoyment of being able to take care of ourselves and not have to rely on family for a place to live and food to eat...Is that so wrong?? Enough venting...Later!!
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